UK ‘job jumpers’ dream of their ideal kind of job

Britons are becoming a nation of ‘job jumpers’ spending just two-and-a-half
years on average at a company before moving on, according to a report.

The Career Progressive Report by internet bank Cahoot finds almost
three-quarters of staff want to change career, and half the 1,100 workers
surveyed (47 per cent) thought they would be likely to change the course of
their careers at least three times.

Personal fulfilment is rated as the most important factor in a career and
unfulfilled workers are not willing to stick at a job they are not enjoying for
the rest of their working years.

Of the 25-34 age group, just 12 per cent believe they will stick with the
same career. This compares with 30 per cent of those aged 55 and over who say
they are likely to stay loyal to one employer throughout their working

Women are more likely than men to change jobs within two years (17 per cent
compared to 8 per cent) with one in eight changing career plans because they
want to have children.

Cahoot managing director Deborah Cutler said: "It is tragic that so
many of us are sitting in jobs we find unsatisfying because we think we can’t
afford to change."

The report also reveals that a quarter of Britons’ dream career would be to
become a writer and one in 10 say they would like to be in the movies.

Thirteen per cent of men reveal they dream of being a professional sportsman
compared to just 1 per cent of women.

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