UK line managers: ten vital statistics

Rogers offers 10 telling statistics from the new Personnel Today report: UK
Line Managers – Are they good enough?

amazing 675 HR professionals contributed to UK line manager survey conducted on The responses paint a vivid portrait of the quality and
potential of UK line managers as seen through the eyes of HR:

53 per cent rate the overall performance of their organisation’s line managers
as "less than good"

2 per cent would describe their line managers’ people management skills as

18 per cent spontaneously cite the people management capabilities of
line managers as cause for concern

73 per cent are concerned about the capabilities of their line managers to take
the organisation forward

46 per cent believe their organisation does not allocate an adequate budget to
the development of line managers

7 per cent spontaneously attribute the cause of this to the organisation not
seeing the value or benefit of training

67 per cent believe the greatest barrier to effective line management is that
technical skills are considered more important than managerial skills

74 per cent blame ineffective line managers for low morale in their

14 per cent of organisations will be conducting no development activity
with their line managers in the next 12 months

  73 per cent rate their line managers’
ability to manage absence as only "fair" or "poor"

Line Managers – Are they good enough?
is exclusive research by Personnel Today,
sponsored by Computers In Personnel and conducted in association with Richmond
Events. The report costs £25 and is available from Esco Business Services 01371
810433, or click here to order online.

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