UK managers find their personal assistants more trustworthy than family

British executives are more likely to entrust their PA with secrets than their own siblings, according to research.

PAs are increasingly becoming the chief confidantes of their bosses, with 40% of executives reporting they would trust their PA with a secret. Only 38% said they would trust their brothers (38%) and just 32% put faith in their sisters.

Less than one-third said they would tell their own boss (29%) private information and less than one-quarter (23%) said they would entrust it to their colleagues (23%). Just 1% of Britain’s bosses said they would trust a priest with a secret, the survey of 600 PAs and their bosses found.

Jumoke Oyadare, from recruitment firm which carried out the research, said bosses needed to do more to appreciate their PAs and the role they played in the success of business.

The survey found that about one in five PAs (18%) said that they do not feel appreciated by their managers, while onen-third reported that their boss panics when they take time off.

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