UK Mediation to launch DVD

The recent Gibbons review of the Dispute resolution procedures points towards a greatly increased use of workplace mediation. HR practitioners, managers and employee relations specialists need to stay ahead of developments within the field, and to understand how and why mediation must be used in the workplace.

UK Mediation has produced a DVD which dramatises a typical workplace dispute and the application of workplace mediation. This DVD is, for the first time, being made available to buy and forms the basis of a unique awareness-raising day to be held on 18th March 2008.

The day is led by a practising mediator and takes delegates through all of the steps and stages of the use of mediation skills and a structured process of workplace mediation. The cost of £495.00 + VAT includes the awareness-raising day, the DVD “Mediation in Action” and accompanying notes. The DVD and guidance notes are available to purchase separately at £395.00 + VAT.

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