UK sixth in pensions league

A study of pension systems in the European Union has ranked the UK in sixth place.

The study looked at the 15 states in the EU before its latest expansion and ranked them in relation to the size and sustainability of payments.

Portugal was top, thanks to a growing younger population, while Belgium came bottom, with little immigration to boost the number of young workers.

The study, published by Aon Consulting, ranked Britain sixth, thanks to relatively generous company pension schemes.

France was placed 11th and Germany 13th.

The Pensions Commission report to be published next week is expected to call for a more generous state pension but a rise in the claimant age to 67.

The full rankings are:

1  Portugal (most favourable) 

2  Ireland/ Netherlands 

4  Sweden 

5  Denmark 

6 United Kingdom 

7 Luxembourg 

8 Finland 

9 Spain 

10 Austria 

11 France / Greece 

13 Germany 

14 Italy 

15 Belgium (least favourable) 

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