UK staff sleepwalking to disaster as nearly half admit to turning up late on a regular basis

HR managers are the fifth worst in the country for turning up to work late, a new poll has revealed.

A Travelodge survey has found that 49% of UK workers sneak through the door late each day on average, with IT and internet workers ranked as the “doziest profession”.

In fact, IT workers turn up late on average three days a month, amounting to approximately six years spread across the duration of their career.

Six million of these workers – 20% of the British workforce – blame oversleeping for the lateness, costing the economy £619m every year.

Travelodge director of sleep Wayne Munnelly said: “The tendency to oversleep clearly demonstrates that this country is in the grip of a sleep-deprivation epidemic.”

According to the survey, just over 28 million British workers are getting less than the recommended eight hours of sleep every night of the working week, and their subsequent inability to wake up is having a significant knock-on effect on the productivity of UK businesses.

Corinne Sweet, life coach and psychologist, added: “Long working hours coupled with the stresses and strains of the daily grind mean we are no longer able to switch off after hours and indulge in worry-free sleep.”

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