UK workers use the web at work to house-hunt, job hunt and plan weddings

Workers in the UK are six times more likely to use the web at work to visit estate agency sites to find a home to buy or rent than their US counterparts.

Global web security firm ScanSafe tracked about 72 million web searches for house-hunting sites in the UK and US during August. Almost 62 million of these were from UK workplaces.

However, US workers outstripped their UK counterparts in equal measure when it came to job-hunting.

The research showed that US workers are six times more likely to use the web to look for a new job than their counterparts in the UK. 

ScanSafe processed approximately 3.5 million web online requests for job search sites in August.

There was obviously love in the air in the summer months in the UK where staff were twice as likely to visit wedding-related sites during the work day as US workers.

Eldar Tube, chief executive of ScanSafe, said it was interesting to see how these three major life-changing events affected work habits between the two cultures.

But he warned that uncontrolled, non-work related surfing at the office consumed bandwidth and reduced productivity, also exposing corporate networks to web viruses, spyware and other software that could compromise company security.

The ScanSafe Global Threat Report is based on real-time analysis of more than five billion Web requests and more than 10 million Web threats processed by the company in August.

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