Understanding IT is key to changing work cultures

cultures and practices must change if businesses are to reap the full benefits
of IT, according to research by technology analysts IDC.

found that private and public sector employers view IT as core to their
business processes, but more than half do not have any formal policies on
understanding productivity.

said that if companies are to properly realise the benefits of new
technologies, they need to understand the impact of practices such as flexible
and wireless working.

organisations lead the way with flexible working, with more than one-fifth
spending part of every day working remotely.

staff in the private sector (almost two in five) feel uncomfortable working
from home.

firm Eversheds is launching a flexible working scheme for employees.

it is the first law firm to implement such a wide-ranging initiative, all
employees will be eligible to work part-time, remotely, on shift patterns or
annualised hours, or take a career break.

is the first scheme of its kind to be open to all staff, including partners,”
said Caroline Wilson, HR director at Evershed.

Roisin Woolnough

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