Workplace flings bad for productivity

relationships damage productivity, UK bosses believe.

per cent of HR professionals surveyed by Croner Consulting, said they thought
that office relationships negatively affect productivity at work.

this, most business still have no policy on workplace relationships.

Smith, HR consultant at Croner said businesses need to issue clear rules to
employees about romance between workmates ahead of their Christmas bash.

Christmas party is the perfect environment for a festive fling, but our survey
shows that this could have repercussions when employees return to work.

survey reveals an overall attitude from business that office relationships
should be forbidden, or at least subject to some firm ground rules" he
said. "Burgeoning relationships should be acknowledged and addressed
sensibly to avoid any tension in the workplace, or the development of a secret

a more serious note, a significant number of sexual harassment claims made
every year are the result of drunken behaviour and failed office

By Quentin Reade

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