Union threatens London councils with strike action

Transport and General Workers (T&G) Union has called on London councils to
come back to the negotiating table or face inevitable and prolonged industrial

national organiser Jack Dromey said that unless the union’s claim for a £4,000
flat rate payment for council workers is met a strike could be inevitable.

T&G will announce the result of its ballot for strike action on London
weighting and local government pay tomorrow.

T&G claims that essential services are suffering because councils cannot
recruit and retain

due to the extra cost of living in London.

income of £40,000 is needed to buy a house in London – three times more than
the earnings of many council workers. Childcare in London costs £20 more each
week than in the rest of Britain and London workers spend six hours a week more
travelling to and from work," added Dromey.

members agree, the plan is for London councils to stop work for an initial
one-day strike on Wednesday 17 July, to be followed by selective industrial

By Ross Wigham

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