Unions calls for TUC to be more ‘in your face’

TUC risks becoming irrelevant because it is losing influence and not
campaigning on important issues, according to the Transport and General
Workers’ Union.

Woodley, the T&G’s
general secretary, told the Times:
“The way the unions are working together now creates a dilemma for the TUC.
What does it stand for? Is the TUC going to continue to do what some unions
have and sit on the fence and watch union decline?

would ask people in the TUC to start questioning their relevance in the next

said he wanted to see the traditionally moderate organisation “be more
campaigning and more in your face”.

comments come amid a dissatisfaction
with the TUC by some unions and after the union movement as a whole has shifted
towards the left.

TUC, which holds its annual conference next week, declined to comment.

By Daniel Thomas 




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