Unions offer better chance of tribunal wins

More than nine in 10 employment tribunal cases backed by trade unions are
resulting in a settlement – about twice the national average, according to new
figures released by the TUC.

Of more than 2,200 new cases reported by unions as being completed in the
year to October 1999, 92 per cent culminated in either a tribunal win or a
compromise agreement, according to the survey, Focus on Employment Tribunals.
Unions claimed legal victory in 17 per cent of the reported cases, compared
with 12 per cent across the board, and achieved conciliated settlements in 75
per cent compared with 34 per cent overall.

Union backing also spells higher payouts for claimants, the figures suggest.
The average sex discrimination, race discrimination and unfair dismissal awards
this year were £4,044, £5,000 and £2,388 respectively, according to Labour
Market Trends, whereas the unions recorded averages of £9,191, £11,788 and

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