Unions warn of more local government strike action

government private sector contractors have been warned by trade unions that
they face strike action unless they match the pay deal being offered to the
sector’s employees.

are balloting members over a two-year pay deal including a minimum wage of £5
an hour and stage increases of up to 10.9 per cent.

GMB trade union has warned local government contractors that they have until 20 September to adopt the pay proposals, or they
will ballot staff over strike action.

union is concerned that if the contractors to do not accept the pay
recommendations, it will create a two-tier workforce in the sector.

Graham, GMB’s national secretary, said: "By ensuring that Acas local
government pay proposals are awarded to all local government staff, whether
working directly for councils or a private contractor, we are looking to
eliminate the two-tier system that contracting has created. It is only fair
that all members providing local government services are paid the

By Paul Nelson

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