Unison rejects pay offer for further strike action

Public sector union Unison has warned that a pay award to members of the GMB and TGWU will prolong the dispute among Scotland’s local authority staff.

The Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (CoSLA)has decided to give a 6.1 per cent pay award to staff following the agreement of two-thirds of the workforce to accept the deal.

Unison members, however, have rejected the offer and are escalating their strike action which has produced chaos across the country.

The union has employed selective strike action which has led to rubbish not being collected, revenue departments closing, and, just last week, the cancellation of 1,000 court cases at Glasgow District Court.

About 600 of Unison’s 80,000 members have been on permanent strike, while all members have participated in three one-day strikes.

The union now intends to increase the numbers on permanent strike and increase the frequency of all-out days of action. CoSLA has repeatedly warned there is no more money and that it wishes to continue negotiations.

By Colin Wright



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