Unite union to axe jobs in bid to cut budgets by 20%

Unite union is set to make redundancies in a bid to cut departmental budgets by up to 20%.

The union, which represents two million workers in the UK, refused to say how many jobs would be lost.

A spokesman for the union said: “Expenditure reductions are being sought in almost all areas. As part of these reductions, a number of employees have applied for voluntary redundancy. The executive of Unite will continue to review the union’s financial situation.”

He added the priority for the union is protecting members’ services.

Throughout the recession, Unite has campaigned against employers’ resorting to redundancies, but the union said its cuts were necessary because it expected the recession to lead to a drop in membership and income.

Yesterday, the union said it was “furious” at the decision made by Lloyds Banking Group to cut 625 jobs in the UK.

GMB union, which represents Unite staff, said it was aware of the cuts, and emphasised that redundancies should be voluntary.

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