University of Central Lancashire teams up with Lancashire Constabulary to set up foundation degree in policing

The University of Central Lancashire has joined forces with Lancashire Constabulary to launch a foundation degree in policing, believed to be the first in the UK.

The two-year course, to be offered from September 2007, is intended for students who wish to study policing with a view to pursuing a career either as a uniformed officer or as a member of police staff.

The course will initially be offered to a maximum of 40 students.

John Thompson, course leader, said: “The foundation degree will be highly valued, having been developed in partnership with Lancashire Constabulary, to arm students with the necessary knowledge, practical, vocational and key skills.”

Stuart Villiers, head of training at Lancashire Constabulary, said: “The Constabulary will continue to select and recruit officers by the traditional methods; however this programme is an option that will give students an opportunity to make a recognisable and positive contribution to policing within Lancashire’s communities.”

To achieve the degree, students must pass 12 modules over the two years of the course.

During the first year, they will study compulsory modules in quality policing, personal development, ethics and diversity in policing, technology and policing and police powers and the Police and Criminal Evidence Act.

The second year comprises another five compulsory modules covering public protection, signal crimes and disorders, investigative skills and criminal justice and road policing.

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