Unpaid overtime affects eight out of 10 UK employees

Eight in 10 UK employees work almost one extra day per month in overtime without pay, according to a survey.

The poll of 1,083 employees by employment law consultants Peninsula BusinessWise  found that 81% of employees regularly work beyond their contracted hours without pay for an average of seven hours each month.

Peter Done, managing director of Peninsula BusinessWise, said: “The survey highlights the growing problem and office culture of over-working that is present in UK society. Employees are simply too busy and have too much on to give themselves time away from the office and, as such, often find it difficult to relax through worry and stress.

“Through working lengthy hours of overtime, not only are employees lengthening the working day, they are simply carrying out the work for their boss without getting paid for it.

“It is also not uncommon for bosses to place undue pressure on their staff regarding working overtime and also in relation to taking holidays. This can range from assigning large quantities of work to individual employees, to reducing non-contractual bonuses and not considering specific individuals for internal promotions and opportunities that may arise,” said Done.

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