Practicalities at Portsmouth, National Safety Symposium, 6-8 September

This year’s National Safety Symposium will be held at the University of
Portsmouth. It will address some of the practical measures that health and
safety specialists in public services need to know about, in areas where there
is a rapid rate of technical change.

In recent years, there has been substantial development in improving systems
to manage health and safety more effectively, but it is important to remember
that good standards arise from practical action in the workplace and good
judgement of risk. The management systems and protocols are all aimed at making
sure that this practical action is properly carried out.

This means that each health and safety practitioner must have a good
understanding of the management arrangements needed, but also a strong
awareness of the practical measures needed to keep risk under control.

Everyone has some involvement in waste collection – either a role in
collecting and disposing of waste or as an organisation that needs to arrange
for other people to collect it from them.

A session on the safety requirements for waste collection will include some
hands-on demonstrations from Terberg Matec, a leading manufacturer of refuse
collection equipment.

The programme will also cover managing risks when you are caring for vulnerable
people, with participation of the National Care Standards Commission. This is
particularly valuable for people who work within social care, but the issues
are relevant for any organisation that provides services to individuals who
might need special care.

Bookings for the symposium, priced £415 + VAT, including accommodation,
meals, refreshments and delegate pack, can be made by calling the IOSH PR team
on 0116 257 3195. Reduced rates for second and third delegates are available.
Bookings will not be accepted after 20 August.

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