US staff turnover set to rise once economy improves

per cent of US workers will look for new jobs once the job market and economy

Job Recovery Survey, by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and, shows that both HR professionals and employees agree
turnover will rise significantly once the job market improves, which it is
expected to do in the next year.

the survey of 451 HR professionals and 300 managerial and executive employees
shows that HR professionals have retention programmes to address many of the
issues expressed by employees.

Cohen, vice-president of knowledge development at SHRM, said: “HR professionals
constantly address the reasons employees give for pursing other job

given the percentage of employees who plan to seek new employment
opportunities, HR professionals need to place even more focus on retention
efforts to ensure employers retain good, productive employees.”

cited the following three top reasons they would begin searching for a new job:

53 per cent – better compensation and benefits

35 per cent – dissatisfaction with potential career development

32 per cent – ready for a new experience

professionals were asked which programmes or policies they use to help retain
employees. The following three are the most common:

62 per cent – tuition reimbursement

60 per cent – competitive vacation and holiday benefits

59 per cent – competitive salary

By Quentin Reade

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