Using Competencies Successfully

Format: DVD
Scott Bradbury
Price: £995

Turning on a DVD package from Scott Bradbury is like sailing into a safe harbour. The purchaser and the viewer always know they are about to see a sensible, practical film, which will translate a current trend into an intelligent guide for action.

Using Competencies Successfully is such a film. It explores the subject of competencies from the perspective of the staff member and highlights the benefits of reviewing, understandingand applying the various competency behaviours required for their role, or the role for which they are applying.

We see two occasions on which employees would be expected to understand an organisation’s competency framework: either in an appraisal situation or for an internal interview.

We watch Jenni misunderstand and then successfully use higher level competencies to gain promotion, and we witness Simon fluff his appraisal but succeed a year later when he can demonstrate the competencies that his job requires.

The film is accompanied by a superior guide, which sets out a vast array of model training sessions. It demonstrates how to use segments for the introduction and learning objectives and how to employ them in syndicate discussions and pairs exercises.

Director Hugh Murray uses a section of the film to give a ‘talking head’ guide to using competencies, which is reinforced by a step-by-step plan to competencies in the printed guide.

This package represents excellent value for money and would work both for organisations who want to make better use of competencies and those who are looking to implement or overhaul a competency scheme.

Relevance?  5 stars (out of 5)
Interactivity?  3 stars
Value for money?  5 stars

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