Virgin Atlantic pilot sues for constructive dismissal


A pilot working for Virgin Atlantic left disfigured and unable to fly after a car crash was offered another job in a beauty salon by the airline.

John Cullom claims that his treatment amounted to constructive dismissal. He is demanding more than £1m in damages under the Disability Discrimination Act, reports The Times.

Documents filed at the tribunal state that a work-related injury prevented him from sitting for long periods. While off work, he had an accident that disfigured his face. In response, Virgin Atlantic sent him a list of alternative jobs for which he could apply, including work at a beauty spa at Heathrow airport. Cullom claims the jobs were all demeaning and unreasonable.

Virgin Atlantic denies the allegations and said it would defend the claim.

“When my health was good, Virgin Atlantic treated me well. But that all changed once I found it difficult to fly. It was insensitive and shows that I was not taken seriously at all, to say the least, when they offered me a job in a beauty spa at Heathrow,” Cullom told the paper.

A spokeswoman for Virgin Atlantic said: “We sent him a full list of available jobs for which he could apply for. The job of spa manager was just one of them. Virgin Atlantic is an equal opportunities employer and we take the welfare of all of our people extremely seriously.”


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