Vodafone training staff for a WAP future

This week’s training news…

Vodafone has
joined forces with Knowledge Pool, the IT skills training company, to develop
WAP technology courses. The initial course will be made available to Vodafone’s
corporate customers, who will also be able to attend training sessions on using
WAP technologies for training. The courses will run throughout 2001.

New vocational GCSEs will
need employer input

New plans for vocational GCSEs
announced by Education and Employment Secretary David Blunkett last week need
employer involvement, says NTO chief executive Andy Powell. Although supportive
of the qualifications, Powell criticised the plans. He commented, "It’s
regrettable that plans announced do not spell out clearly how employment
sectors will be involved in ensuring the vocational GCSEs meet real economic needs."


industry acts to solve skills crisis

The European Centre for the
Development of Vocational Training has launched a new on-line survey, What is
the extent of e-learning in Europe? The survey aims to collect statistical
information about how e-learning is growing across Europe. In particular, the
survey will look at the quantity of e-learning being developed, investment in
hardware and the proportion of trainers currently using electronic teaching aids.


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