Voluntary SMEs lack internal HR expertise

two-thirds of small to medium-sized organisations in the voluntary sector do not have a dedicated HR
specialist, reveals research
by  the National Council for Voluntary
Organisations (NCVO).

Its survey, More than just
a wing and a prayer: identifying human resources capacity among small to medium
sized organisations in the voluntary
, finds that while
all 177 respondents are increasingly formalising their HR policies, many have employees
performing a dual role which incorporates HR activity.

these ‘non-specialists’ were unlikely to hold or be working towards receiving
some form of CIPD qualification.

Wootten, HR manager at NCVO said: “It is clear that many organisations are not planning
strategically, and this
may be due in part to the lack of resources, time or expertise available

"This is an ideal
opportunity to review the HR function and ensure it is prioritised as an area
of importance, with the
Government launching welcomed initiatives to support the capacity of voluntary

report also highlights that the most frequent avenue for receiving external
advice is through professional HR bodies which offer free or cost-effective advice such as conciliation service Acas.

of the law were subject to the
most requests for external advice from respondents.

Michael Millar

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