Volvo to save £7.5m with online induction scheme

car giant Volvo is hoping a new e-based induction scheme can improve the
consistency of its training and save around £7.5m over the next five years.

company expects to reduce the cost of training inductions by 90 per cent
through the increased efficiency provided by the online system.

project will also deliver increased harmonisation around the globe by providing
an identical induction process for Volvo’s 57,000 worldwide staff.

will be delivered in several European languages, and used as a learning tool by
all staff in more than 100 countries.

the programme, developed by Line Communications, the firm will monitor its
corporate induction training to ensure it is effective and relevant.

of people and competence development at Volvo, Lisskulla Lindstrom, said the
system allows staff joining the company to get an immediate induction, which
drives motivation and performance.

consistent global induction for all our employees will help us develop and
maintain a strong corporate culture and provide financial savings," she

programme uses a range of multi-media features to provide an engaging learning
experience, said Lindstrom. She hopes it will develop an integrated training
culture. "This project represents our ongoing commitment to employees by
providing focused, high-quality training material," she added.

Ross Wigham

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