Wanted: new lay members for the EAT

Government is looking to recruit 10 new lay members to the Employment Appeal
Tribunal before next April.

members play an important role in reviewing the decisions of employment
tribunals and in interpreting legislation across a wide area of employment

appointed will hear cases in London or Edinburgh, although appeals are also
heard occasionally in Wales.

are invited from those with a wide range of workplace experience, from women,
ethnic minorities and disabled people to try to ensure that the membership of
the EAT reflects UK society.

the recruitment drive, employment relations minister Alan Johnson said,
"Employment tribunals and the appeal tribunal play a vital role in the
achievement of dispute resolution and fairness in the workplace. We look
forward to recruiting a fresh tranche of high quality and committed lay members
to the appeal tribunal."

drive to recruit lay members to employment tribunals will be launched in the
new year.

Ben Willmott

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