Warehouse supervisor awarded £13,000 for unfair dismissal

A former warehouse supervisor has been awarded nearly £13,000 for unfair dismissal.

Neil Ballard of Droitwich, Worcestershire, made his claim for unfair dismissal against his employer, Lamp & Gear of Wassage Way, following clashes with his boss over work pressures, Birmingham Employment Tribunal was told.

Previously, Ballard and his line manager, John O’Mahony, had all been good friends and worked well together as a team, the tribunal heard. Ballard was a loyal and hard-working employee who worked under extreme pressure.

His relationship with O’Mahony was good until Ballard called for extra staff to cope with the workload, said his lawyer.

The tribunal was told of an altercation between the two men involving criticism and alleged abuse. Ballard denied an allegation by O’Mahony that he had used bad language towards him.

As a result, Ballard claimed he was dismissed for alleged gross misconduct.

Tribunal chairwoman Mary Cocks said there had been a heated discussion between the men.

But she felt Ballard could have been given a warning instead of being dismissed, and awarded him £12,870.

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