web site of the week

It is as well not to believe everything you read on the Web, but this is one site where you can trust the sources. The on-line service from the Stationery Office, the official publisher of statutory, Parliamentary and government information, may err on the dry side, but it’s an invaluable on-line resource for HR managers who want to stay up-to-date with legislation and Government reports and commissions. You can buy reports direct from the site, check out on-line newsletters and immerse yourself in statistical information. There’s also updated news and parliamentary debates are available on-line the following morning. Useful links, include one to 10 Downing Street (check out Tony’s Internet broadcasts) and clicking on the blue Stationery Office icon at the top of the site takes you to the Office’s own site where you can find out about its services and sign-up for e-mail alerts on new titles. Finally, if you’re in a new job and a new area and want to find out who your MP is, this will help you track him or her down.

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