web site of the week: www.hightech-women.com




We make no apologies for having a women-only Web site of the Week – however, we dare say men could learn a thing or two from it. The site is the on-line incarnation of HighTech Women, a group that aims to support women working in or with technology.

It’s all about "meeting and mentoring" and sharing "know-how and lessons learned", says the site – and you can join up and get on the mailing list for events immediately by filling out the form on-line. If you don’t want to attend an event in person there are on-line articles to read and respond to, via e-mail, with recruitment and workforce issues clearly having a permanent place on the site’s ongoing forums. HR is also named as one of the special sections that will be developed on the site and recruitment, job posting and headhunting are all named as future discussion topics. The next event is on 6 December and it’s not too late to join up – go girls, go!

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