Westminster PCT launches online employee benefits scheme

Westminster Primary Care Trust (PCT) has launched an online employee benefits scheme.

The scheme, launched in conjunction with provider Thomsons Online Benefits, is believed to be the first time one of its type in the NHS.

‘It’s All About You’ provides each member of staff with a personalised website, which includes a total reward statement detailing the value of their salary and ‘core benefits’, such as pension, training and holiday entitlement.

Employees also have the ability to purchase tax efficient benefits online and a range of voluntary benefits, including discounted eye and dental care, shopping and holidays.

Karen Broughton, director of HR and corporate affairs, said: “The scheme forms part of a long-term strategy to improve recruitment and retention at the Trust.

“We’re situated in the centre of London, surrounded by other PCTs and hospitals, not to mention private health services. We needed a competitive advantage to attract good staff, and non-pay related benefits are one way we can do this.”

One of the key reasons for setting up the service is to make staff more aware of what benefits are already on offer and their value.

“Staff were saying they didnÕt know what they were entitled to, or how much their whole remuneration package was worth,” said Broughton.

“Now they can look online at a breakdown of their package, including salary, London weighting and add-ons, such as how much the PCT spends on their training and development, annual leave and pension.”

Westminster PCT has since been awarded the Improving Working Lives Practice Plus standard, which recognises achievements in improving the working lives of NHS employees.

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