Whale of a tale for your office

Ince reviews: Whale Done! The Power of Positive Relationships

Ken Blanchard
Format: Book
Price: £12.99
From: Nicholas Brearley Publishing

book begins with the unfolding story of business manager and family man Wes
Kingsley on a visit to Seaworld. As he watches the 10,000-pound killer whales
performing amazing leaps and dives, he is intrigued  as to how they are made to do just that. Kingsley goes to speak
to the team of trainers and explores the techniques they use with these feared
predators of the seas.

learns that by building trust with the whales, accentuating their positive
behaviours and re-directing any negative behaviour, these huge mammals
willingly perform as they do.

begins to identify his style and behaviours with his own people at work and
realises his shortcomings because of this. All too often he was using what
Blanchard identifies as the Gotcha (catching people doing things wrong)
approach, rather than the Whale Done (catching people doing things right)

Kingsley begins to change his own management style and implement these new
practises used by the Seaworld trainers, he realises that the techniques could
be used equally successfully at home with his wife and children.

always with a Blanchard book, you are sold on his theories by his excellent
storytelling. On reading, I became excited and motivated to put myself to the
test with the simple methods being revealed.

as Wes Kingsley discovered, using the Gotcha approach is damaging to building
positive relationships. If there is one thing any reader can take from this
book, it is to recognise the harm they may be causing with a Gotcha approach,
without even realising it.

a work front, this book is a must for anyone managing people, especially those
just going into supervisory roles for the first time. Blanchard  has devised some ABC’s of performance which
can be easily understood and implemented.

don’t believe that just following these principles alone in dealing with poor
performance would be totally successful, but Whale Done is an excellent
follow-up to Blanchard’s Gung Ho! philosophy and principles. Showing trust and
praising progress in others and their achievements is highly celebrated in this

those who have introduced Gung Ho! into their workplace, you won’t go far wrong
by following through with the Whale Done approach into your business.

on personal use – Whale Done could be the saving of many a marriage or
relationship. Who needs relationship counselling when you have it all in this

whale done must go to Ken Blanchard for yet another of his inspiring
publications. I’ve already bought extra copies for our library here at Claire’s

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