What can I earn as…

 What you need… is a good degree, CIPD (or occasionally part-CIPD) qualification and a good grounding in a generalist HR role. The extent of employee relations (ER) experience required will depend very much on the individual role and employer, but with the shortage of candidates in this part of the UK, employers are increasingly willing to accept limited experience. However, ideally, two to three years’ specialist experience is usually preferred and often required.

You will have strong interviewing skills and a high level of numerical and written skills. You will be expected to keep up to date with legislative developments and good employment practice.

The job involves… providing advice and guidance to managers on all aspects of employment law and ER, often remotely or through telephone support, as well as sometimes managing a number of individual cases.

On a day-to-day basis, you will monitor sickness and absence levels, manage/assist with dispute resolution procedures, handle ER communications, and lead and oversee all disciplinary/grievance issues across the company. The maintenance of performance indicators and monitoring mechanisms relevant to ER will usually be required. In the case of mergers and acquisitions, the ER officer will be involved in the harmonisation of terms and conditions. In unionised organisations, the ER officer will be involved with managing/assisting union relations.

Job prospects… are currently very good due to the lack of experienced candidates in the market. This means that those with even limited experience can command a higher salary than would usually be expected.


Salary range for an employee relations officer in Wales and the South West

Typical: £28,000

Lower range: £25,000

Upper range: £32,000

Source: Hays

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