What do you think the workplace of 2010 will look like?

To help companies understand how the workplace is evolving, and so plan for
the future, Cubiks, the specialist HR consultancy in the PAGroup, is inviting PersonnelToday.com’s
readers to take part in a survey that aims to predict the workplace of 2010.

As any serious gambler will agree, accurately predicting the future is a
tricky business but it can deliver enormous rewards for those who get it right.
The same rule applies to the world of commerce and industry where the ability
to anticipate and capitalise on trends, both internally and externally, is held
at a premium.

Hence the decision by Cubiks to create a survey exploring a range of key
areas that are central to effective performance in the new economy, both at an
organisational and individual level. Topics covered by the survey include the
development of the HR function, shifts in working patterns and the design of
flexible remuneration packages.

The questionnaire takes no longer than 10 minutes to work through and each
respondent will receive a full copy of the research report when it is published
later this year

Chief executive officer of Cubiks Barry Spence says he is hopeful that the
findings will give key pointers to the kind of adjustments companies will have
to make by the end of the decade and how the most advanced organisations will
operate in practice.

"At the start of the 20th century very few people would have been able
to accurately predict the office environment of 1950, let alone the e-mail
dominant business world of 2000. Predicting the workplace of 2010 may, however,
be a more realistic task and could provide essential information for those
companies who seek to position themselves at the leading-edge of HR

To take part in the survey, go to the Cubiks
and click on the moving headline "Take part in our survey
to predict the workplace of 2010".

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