Whitbread rewards suit employees’ tastes

Whitbread Hotels is introducing a recognition programme to cut its employee
turnover rate by 5 per cent.

The programme, called Recognition First, is intended to improve staff
motivation and will provide rewards that are tailored to individuals’ personalities.

The company hopes to reduce its staff turnover from 35 to 30 per cent in 12

Ravey, HR director of Whitbread Hotels, said, "Employees will fill in a
form on their likes and interests, so when we reward them for their efforts, we
are able to do so with a gift that suits their lifestyles."

The programme’s pilot in three hotels ends this month and has already proved

Sprowston Manor, Norfolk, has reduced its staff turnover from 40 to 35 per
cent and increased staff satisfaction at work rating by 11 per cent.

Phil Mellanby, the hotel’s HR manager, said, "We have even had two
former employees return to work here, saying they felt undervalued and
neglected outside Whitbread."

The company has over 60 UK-based hotels employing over 9,000 employees.

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