Widen non-exec gene pool by recruiting from other sectors

executives in the public and voluntary sectors could become vital pieces of DNA
in the boardroom following the call for companies to "widen the gene
pool" of their non-executive directors.

the sweeping reforms proposed in the Higgs review is the recommendation for
companies to appoint senior figures from outside the private sector as
non-executive directors.

proposes that a list of 100 approved candidates should be drawn up as a pilot
scheme, for companies to recruit from.

of the boardrooms in the City are occupied by ageing white businessmen, who
were appointed through personal contacts, claims the review. Women only make up
6 per cent of non-executive posts and ethnic minorities a mere 1 per cent.

key aim of the review is to bring in a broader mix of skills and experience
that is lacking in boardrooms.

Association of Chief Executives in Voluntary Organisations (Acevo) is working
with head hunters to draw up the list of potential non-executives, which will
be submitted to Trade and Industry Secretary Patricia Hewitt in May.
Appointments are expected to start in the summer.

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