Women are happier in their work

Women are happier in their jobs than men despite earning
less money research reveals.

An Abbey National survey of 636 working parents shows that
more than a quarter of women are extremely happy at work in comparison to only
18 per cent of men.

However women still earn around £100 less per week than men,
who take home an average of £440.70 and women are also less likely to be paid
for overtime.

Only 8 per cent of women say they are unhappy at work
compared to 15 per cent of men according to the survey even though more than
half of men are paid for working late and only 37 per cent of women are
rewarded for staying on after normal working hours.

The survey shows that 26 per cent of women leave work permanently
after they become parents compared to only three per cent of men.

Women are also more likely to stay off work when their
children fall ill, with 52 per cent of women missing a day at the office,
compared to only nine per cent of men.


By Katie Hawkins

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