Women miss out on career opportunities

Women do
not feel that their present jobs provide the opportunities they want, according
to figures published by the National Centre for Social Research last week.

Results of
the Women’s Social Attitudes report – a gender analysis of the British Social
Attitudes survey between 1983 and 1998 – found that in 1997, 74 per cent of
women thought opportunities for advancement were important, but only 19 per
cent had this in their current job.

The report,
which surveyed 3,500 men and women, also revealed that 72 per cent of women
thought that having a high income was important, but again only 14 per cent had
achieved this. In addition, the number of women finding the demands of work
more stressful today has risen between 1989 and 1997 from a quarter to a third.

for women Margaret Jay said, “This report provides valuable information on the
views and preferences of women in different circumstances at different stages
in their lives. Specific information on women’s views is essential to better

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