Women still lagging behind men in pay stakes

weekly median total individual income for all women in 2002-2003 was £154, only
53 per cent of that for all men who earned £288, according to the latest
statistics from the Department of Trade and Industry.

report, published today, reveals that women in full-time employment had median
total individual incomes of £321 per week, 79 per cent of the amount earned by
men in full-time employment, who earned £404 per week.

of men and women were closest for part-time employees, where women’s median
total income was £159 per week, 93 per cent of the income of men.

total individual income was highest for women aged between 25 and 29 at £225
per week, 73 per cent of that for men in the same age band. Median total individual
income was highest for men aged between 40 and 44, at £422 per week.

full statistical release on the individual income data is available at www.womenandequalityunit.gov.uk/indiv_incomes/index.htm

Daniel Thomas

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