Work-based learning ‘failing’ employers and staff

per cent of work-based learning is inadequate, according to a government body

Adult Learning Inspectorate’s first annual report finds the standard of adult
education and learning in the UK is failing employers.

report highlights “serious underachievement” and says too few young people
receive the quality of training that will prepare them for employment or
address the country’s skills shortages.

and management aspects of training came in for the most criticism with only one
of 300 training providers inspected judged as outstanding.

reports finds that employers training their own staff do the best training.

average only a third of young people embarking on a Modern Apprenticeship
achieve their qualification.

report found key skills, such as communication and IT were the biggest single
cause of young people’s failure to succeed with a Modern Apprenticeship.

Sherlock, chief inspector at the ALI, said: “We must not make apprenticeships a
soft opinion, or betray the young people who see an apprenticeship as
preparation for a career, but we need to be realistic about tackling things
which do not work.

country needs more vocational training, better work-based learning. We must not
allow an apprenticeship system, similar to those that work well in other
countries, to founder.”

By Paul Nelson

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