Gaining business skills ‘is way to climb career ladder’

professionals believe gaining an MBA and learning business skills in other
parts of the business are the best ways to progress up the career ladder.

survey by recruitment consultancy Joslin Rowe, released exclusively to
Personnel Today, shows 45 per cent of HR practitioners believe it is crucial to
have a MBA in order to succeed and reach a senior level.

whether they believe the CIPD’s new advance level standard will improve the
professional development of HR practitioners, 51 per cent say they believe it
will work well while 45 per cent say they do not know.

Sasitharan, manager of Joslin Rowe HR division, said HR professionals realise
they need business experience to reach senior levels.

trend is for HR to be more business focused, so it is important that you can
speak the language of business.”

80 per cent of the 110 people surveyed said experience in other areas of
business was needed to perform in senior HR roles.

said many more HR practitioners are spending time in another functions, such as
marketing, to gain the experience they need.

By Quentin Reade

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