Workers share more than office space

The majority of UK employees are more than mere colleagues to fellow workers, choosing to live, eat and holiday with them, research reveals.

A survey of almost 4,000 workers, by recruitment website, shows that 55% of respondents have met their closest friends through work with 14% meeting their best friend in the office.

Despite spending all of their working hours together, 73% of staff meet up with workmates at the weekend, 39% holiday with their colleagues and 28% opt to share accommodation.

So strong are the friendships that today’s workers are even choosing to spend the biggest day of their life – their wedding – with workmates.

Almost two-thirds (63%) have been invited to a colleague’s wedding and a further one in five have been a bridesmaid or best man at a colleague’s nuptials.

Meanwhile, one in four have had a long-term relationship or married a colleague while 44% have dated a co-worker and 18% have had an office affair.

Philip Jones, jobseeker manager for said: “We no longer just see our colleagues on a 9-to-5 basis. Work is now a place where strong and lasting relationships are formed.

“With an increasing number of people moving away from their families to pursue their careers, colleagues are becoming the new support network.”

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