Working mothers would prefer to stay home

half of British adults believe mothers should stay at home with their children,
according to a survey.

Nurofen for Children WorkSmart survey of 2000 adults finds that 71 per cent of
working mothers would be willing to give up work to look after their children.
Of these, 41 per cent believe a mother’s place is with her children and that
finances aside, women should give up their jobs to care for their families.

with the majority of maternity pay set at £75 per week at just 18 weeks, this
is often not an option.

per cent of men questioned reveal they would be willing to look after their
children full-time while their partner goes out to work.

study also shows that UK services and support for working mothers rank as the
most expensive and least accessible in Europe, with the cost of childcare
topping the list of working mothers’ concerns.

Lisa Bradby

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