Working parents turn to boarding schools

parents are increasingly turning to boarding schools to educate their children,
says the Boarding Schools’ Association.

association says there has been a "definite shift" in boarding
patterns in recent years as parents get busier.

BSA said in many families where both parents work long hours, there is little
time to collect children or take them to after-school activities, so boarding
is being used as an alternative.

survey of families with primary-school age children who are boarding, shows
almost half lived within 30 minutes drive of the school.

number of boarders has shown a slight increase this year – the first time for
15 years.

parents are also using ‘occasional’ boarding for their children – if they have
to attend a conference for a few days or an evening work commitment, for

BSA denies parents are just dumping their children, but says boarding school is
preferential to them spending long hours in front of the television or having
to use the services of baby sitters.

By Quentin Reade

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