Works innovation gains popularity in tough market

Innovation has become increasingly important to organisations as they try to
gain a competitive edge during the continuing economic downturn.

Research by Accenture and the Talent Foundation reveals that almost
two-thirds of organisations report that innovation has moved up the agenda.

More than 50 per cent of respondents claim it is difficult to drive
innovation, however, due to lack of time, 38 per cent fear of risk taking and
33 per cent lack of money as an obstacle.

Innovation – A Way of Being identifies five critical catalysts which combine
to create a positive impact on the bottom line.

Peter Cheese, managing partner of Accenture’s human performance line, said:
"Performance management, leadership development and knowledge-sharing are
key to innovation and will be strongly supported by more enlightened HR

Organisations must empower their people and provide the right environment
where people have the freedom to express their ideas, work together to develop
them and are rewarded for them.

Vital steps to fostering greater innovation

1. Staff are aware of their organisation’s goals and believe
they can play a part in achieving them

2. Teams and groups contain a wide and creative mix of skills,
experiences, backgrounds and ideas

3. Relationships are strong and trusting, and are actively
encouraged and supported within and across teams and functions

4. Doors and minds are open. Everyone in the organisation has
access to resources, time and decision-makers

5. Commitment to innovation runs right through the organisation
and is built into processes and leadership style

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