Workshop shows how to improve team performance

A workshop showing how team leaders can resolve conflict and improve team performance, using a proven model that builds on strengths and successes, will be held in St Albans on 24-25 February 2009 by The Solutions Focus.

Called Team coaching & team building with a solutions focus, the two-day workshop will explain how a solutions-focused approach can help teams to achieve their goals by drawing out and utilising the talents and abilities of the team members.

Aimed at managers, coaches and anyone wishing to enhance their coaching skills, the workshop will be delivered by Paul Z Jackson and Janine Waldman, Directors of The Solutions Focus, the UK’s leading provider of solutions-focused coaching and consultancy.

“The solutions-focused approach concentrates on solutions not problems, strengths not weaknesses and on what’s going well, rather than what’s gone wrong,” said Paul Z Jackson. “With instantly-usable tools and techniques, this practical and beneficial workshop will help team leaders to enhance collaboration and purpose and hence improve the performance and effectiveness of their teams.”

Solutions-focused approaches have been applied in some of the world’s leading organisations – including banks and airlines – as well as police forces and small entrepreneurial businesses.

Paul Z Jackson helped to bring the solutions-focused methodology to the attention of the corporate world by co-authoring a 2002 book called The Solutions Focus – Making Coaching and Change Simple.

Together with Janine Waldman, he co-founded The Solutions Focus which has pioneered the provision of solutions-focused coaching, training and consultancy in the workplace.

“The solutions-focused approach stimulates positive energy, enthusiasm and cooperation,” said Janine Waldman. “The guiding principles involve helping a team to envisage their desired future and moving swiftly towards it by identifying what is working and using this to engender more of what’s wanted.”

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