Yardstick: UK plc recognises need for good relations with unions

 The majority of UK organisations recognise one trade union or more for collective bargaining, according to the HR Prospects Survey 2005, by Personnel Today’s sister publication IRS Employment Review.

The survey of 487 employers reveals the most common issues on which they negotiate are pay (84.8%), changes in working practices (78.5%), and redundancy (73.7%), but only 20.4% of the respondents involve unions in negotiations over pensions.

The research uncovered a broadly positive view of the relationship between management and unions, with nearly six in 10 respondents agreeing to some extent that they make better decisions as a result of union negotiations.

Most employers are optimistic about avoiding trouble over the next 12 months, with more than a quarter predicting a zero probability of a collective dispute with unions.

But, one in 10 sees such problems as a certainty. Public sector employers are particularly fearful of tensions concerning pension reform.




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