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Occupational health research: diabetes

Occupational health research round-up for August 2017

This month’s look at occupational health research studies includes reports on the rising cost to employers of lifestyle illnesses and...

Grenfell, a human disaster

Could your organisation handle a human disaster?

Recent events, including terrorist attacks and the Grenfell Tower fire, are a warning to employers to be prepared to handle...

Pilots and crew exposed to contaminated ai on aircraft have shown a pattern of acute and chronic symptoms, ranging from headaches and dizziness to breathing and vision problems.

Flight crews at risk from contaminated air in aircraft

The health of pilots and aircrews could be being put at risk by prolonged exposure to contaminated air within aircraft,...

Occupational health future workforce crisis

Occupational health future workforce crisis: is the NHS the solution?

A recent paper published in the British Medical Journal argues that to solve the occupational health future workforce crisis, OH...

Occupational health service for all NHS staff

Doctors call for occupational health service for all NHS staff

The British Medical Association’s (BMA) annual representative meeting in June warned of “stress, fatigue, burnout, substance abuse and low morale”...

Sympathetic ear? Research suggests employers should re-think how managers and their line reports use EAPs.

Research on EAPs shows employers are missing out on all the benefits

Research on employee assistance programmes suggests they are valued by employees, but employers are not yet gaining all the potential...

Sedentary middle aged office workers' health

Sedentary middle-aged office workers’ health at risk

Most middle-aged office staff now spend as much time sitting down as pensioners, research has suggested, and in the process...

workplace mediation

How workplace mediation reduced conflict and stress during Barts hospital merger

Workplace mediation can prevent conflict at work leading to disciplinary problems or sickness absence, but awareness is low in many...

Night shifts

Night shifts can lead to cancer, study suggests

Working night shifts is associated with a reduced ability to repair DNA lesions that can, over time, cause DNA damage...

Employee health benefits

Employee health benefits are more than “bells and whistles” for insurance products

Employee health benefits must be used to cut insurance costs and reduce the risk of ill health at work, argues...

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