Employers can offer counselling, for example through an employee assistance programme (EAP), to help employees with mental health problems such as stress or depression, or to help employees with personal problems or addictions.

Rehabilitation measures after long-term sickness absence might include access to counselling during working hours.

Two-thirds of employers have introduced new wellbeing benefits

More than two-thirds of organisations have introduced new wellbeing benefits to support employees during the coronavirus pandemic, a poll by...

Better communication is key to unlocking the value of health and wellbeing benefits

3 Apr 2020

With this month (April) being the start of a new financial year, Paul Avis argues that now is a good...

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Supporting employees who are exposed to traumatic birth

1 Mar 2019

Thousands of women will go through a frightening or traumatic birth, the effects of which will continue to impact on...

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Bowl of fruit.

Health secretary: employers must do more on prevention

5 Nov 2018

Schemes such as free fruit in offices, bicycle loans, support for ill employees and counselling should be the new norm...

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Survey reveals benefits of EAP counselling sessions

6 Jul 2011

Counselling through an employee assistance programme (EAP) can provide real benefits in helping people to remain at work, a survey...

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Counselling via EAPs helps to reduce absence levels

26 May 2011

Counselling sessions offered to workers via employee assistance programmes (EAPs) can help to reduce absence levels and improve colleague relationships,...

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Positive action provisions could have negative effect

8 Mar 2011

Positive action will enable employers to provide preferential treatment during the hiring process, but is this a good thing? Jackie...

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Sickness absence review welcomed by business groups

17 Feb 2011

A review into sickness absence, announced today as part of the Government’s welfare reforms, has been welcomed by business groups.Personnel...

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Managing redundancy and illness

10 Jan 2011

It is possible to manage redundancy sensitively – even for people absent because of illness – by considering basic principles...

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Helping employees cope with financial pressures

8 Nov 2010

At a time when financial pressures are affecting businesses, what can they do to protect employees from knock-on effects? Dr...

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Terminally ill employees: HR’s role and responsibilities

10 Aug 2010

It is said that nobody on their deathbed regrets not spending more time at work, but it seems this may...

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Foxconn managers raise pay and ask staff to pledge not to commit suicide

28 May 2010

Managers at the Foxconn factory in China are struggling to maintain calm after another employee attempted suicide.The electronics worker tried...

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