Workplace assessment or “appraisal” is the process of looking back to analyse past job performance, and looking forward with a view to improving future performance.

The overall objective of an effective appraisal scheme should be to help each employee to maximise his or her job performance for the joint benefit of the employee and the organisation.

Where an employee is underperforming, the employer should address the performance issues promptly.

It’s the way we work… not the people

16 Mar 2004

John Seddon argues that command and control cultures are failing organisations and that HR should drive forward new ways of working

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Turning appraisals 360 degrees

17 Feb 2004

Nathalie Towner looks at how an online 360-degree feedback system helped transform the appraisal process at AAH Pharmaceuticals

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Turnover turnaround

10 Feb 2004

How time and attendance software has helped New Look cut staff turnover and improve the bottom line

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