Workplace assessment or “appraisal” is the process of looking back to analyse past job performance, and looking forward with a view to improving future performance.

The overall objective of an effective appraisal scheme should be to help each employee to maximise his or her job performance for the joint benefit of the employee and the organisation.

Where an employee is underperforming, the employer should address the performance issues promptly.

Financial services: How to resolve your top three HR challenges

With Brexit looming and AI threatening to replace roles, assessment now has a broader role to play in resolving the...

Measuring typical performance using situational judgement tests

5 Apr 2017

PROMOTED | How you phrase a question in a psychometric test can affect how an employee... Find out more

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Assessing for redundancy or redeployment – top tips

11 Aug 2016

PROMOTED | We are still living and working in very uncertain times. With the impact of Brexit still not fully known... Find out more

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Selecting apprentices: lessons we can learn from Germany

14 Mar 2016

As National Apprenticeship Week begins, Howard Grosvenor looks at how German companies are selecting apprentices by supporting candidates to identify...

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Unfit police officers “haven’t got a job” says Met Commissioner

2 Jun 2015

Police officers who repeatedly fail health and fitness tests could lose their jobs, according to Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Bernard...

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How can the annual appraisal system be improved?

15 Mar 2012

Jo Ayoubi, managing director of Track Surveys, posits some improvements to the annual appraisal system.Everyone dreads annual appraisal time. For managers, it means...

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Right Management harnesses online technology to launch innovative outplacement support tool

2 Jun 2010

Right Management announces the launch of RightEverywhere – a new online extension of its leading outplacement service – linking users...

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Ex-SHL team launches a series of completely free assessments

6 Nov 2009

A sophisticated, industry-standard personality questionnaire is being offered entirely free of charge to organisations and individuals, for life, in a...

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First Advantage seeks European distribution partners

4 Nov 2009

First Advantage, a leading global supplier of skills assessment solutions, is looking to expand it’s European Distribution network.Suitable for both companies...

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Bowland Solutions support PRS for Music with new integrated performance appraisal and 360 degree feedback platform

2 Nov 2009

Employing around 800 staff, PRS for Music have lrecently aunched a new tailored online performance appraisal system complete with integrated...

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Brits’ awkwardness about complaining prevalent at the office

7 Oct 2009

British managers lack the ability to handle poor performance and give feedback, according to over 13,000 employees in both the...

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CIPD rubbishes claims that HR is mistrusted

7 Apr 2009

The CIPD has rubbished research that claims employees have less trust in their HR departments out of all business functions.A...

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Assessing talent: getting it right in the downturn

23 Mar 2009

During an economic downturn, the first temptation for every employer is to cut costs – either to stabilise profit or, in...

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Pyschometric tests used for staff development

27 Feb 2009

While the use of psychometric testing is most commonplace during the recruitment and selection process, according to a recent survey...

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Whitehall performance indicators don’t measure line managers

12 Feb 2009

The government’s much-heralded capability reviews, which rate organisational performance inWhitehall departments, lack proper benchmarking and do not assess middle management...

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