2010 General Election: What it means for employers

Personnel Today takes a look at the workplace issues that are likely to make the headlines as the nation prepares for polling day on 6 May.

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You will also be able to find details of the key employment pledges in the manifestos of each of the main political parties.

  General Election 2010: implications for employers

Personnel Today has put together a panel of HR experts from across industry sectors to deliver their verdict on the different parties’ employer-related policies. Together they represent the ‘HR Vote’ – find out more below. You can also find advice on which election-related issues may arise at work, and how HR departments can address them.

Manifesto implications

Gordon Brown The Labour manifesto pledges to reform public services and the banking sector
David Cameron The Conservative manifesto includes proposals to cut red tape and reduce NI contributions for start-up businesses
Nick Clegg The Liberal Democrat manifesto pledges to raise the income tax threshold to £10,000

Employers’ guides to the parties

Conservative election plans for the workplace
Labour election victory: the implications for employers
What victory would mean for Lib Dems and other parties 
What would a hung parliament mean for employers and employees?

Party politics at work

FAQs on political activity at work


Model policy on political activity in the workplace

Model policy on political
activity in the workplace

Latest election news and comment

The HR Vote: Personnel Today’s election panel

Personnel Today has put together a panel of leading HR professionals to help you get to the bottom of policy announcements and what they mean for employers. The HR experts – from across industry sectors – will read between the lines of employer-related proposals, working out which will have the most and least impact. Their opinions will help to form ‘the HR vote’ – and which party (if any) gets the thumbs up from HR. Read more…

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